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Selling Your Home?    Sort Your Red Flags

Selling Your Home? Sort your Red Flags

Red Flags?  What am I on about?!

Red Flags are all those ‘negative things’ a potential buyer will spot as they view your house. ‘Things’ you haven’t got around to doing or you believe aren’t important when selling your home.

A buyer will immediately see these and STOP. Warning bells will ring and buyers will start to question buying your property. They may ask themselves;

What will be the cost ?

Do I have time for all this work?

If there are these problems, what if there are larger problems in this house?

Red Flags usually fall into two categories, unfinished DIY and poor staging. Here are some common red flags buyers hate and tips for you to action.  

DIY Red Flags –

  1. Cracks in walls – get filling as buyers will worry there are structural problems.
  2. Paint peeling off walls, ceilings and woodwork –  buyers will see expense, so freshen up.
  3. Mouldy silicon in bathrooms and kitchens – yuk! a big put off. Use mould cleaners, available in all supermarkets. They do work!
  4. Damp patches on walls –  is there a roof leak? Are the chimney flashings secure? Find an expert for advice.
  5. Kitchen cupboard doors falling off – is your kitchen really bespoke as house details state? Kitchens (and bathrooms) sell a property so ensure all in good working condition.
  6. Cracked tiles – very shoddy looking. The buyer will see future expense. Do you need to re-tile or can the odd tile be fixed?

Staging Red Flags –

  1. Clutter – the majority of buyers move for more space. Walking into your clutter distracts them from visualising how their belongings will look in your house. Decluttering is essential. Store in boxes in the garage or storage containers.
  2. Smelly Bathrooms – carpets in bathrooms, yuk! Damp and mouldy smells are not a good selling point. Buy a cheap roll of lino and fit for a clean look.
  3. Garish Home Décor – you may love your lime walls but buyers sometimes can’t see past the colour. A neutral canvas allows buyers to imagine their furniture, accessories etc in your house.
  4. Pets – can be smelly and off putting to buyers. Put them away when you have a viewing.
  5. Dirt – roll up your sleeves and get stuck into cleaning or hire professional cleaner. No-one wants to buy a dirty house. Show buyers you have looked after your home.
  6. Poor Curb Appeal – the front of your house sets the tone for the rest of house. It is an important first impression and you need to impress buyers. Buy new door mats, clear pathways, trim bushes and grab buyers attention with colourful plant pots.
  7. Everyday life – how can you help buyers buy into your ‘lifestyle’ when your hubbys undies are hanging on the washing maiden! Tidy and prepare your home before all viewings.

I recommend you walk around your house and try to ‘look through the eye of the buyer’. Make a ‘Red Flag to do List’ and take action.

Remember, ‘You never get a second chance to make a good first impression’.

Your aim is to sell your property quickly and for the best price. It really is worth taking time, effort and a little money to achieve this.

Red Flags…Sorted!

Still need help with all of this?  Give Home…Sorted a call, Lou can help.



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