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7 Tips To Sort Your Autumn Wardrobe

7 Tips to Sort Your Autumn Wardrobe

pexels-photo-133262I love Autumn… it’s my favourite season. The flaming colours of falling leaves, crisp cold air when out walking and the joy of OPAQUE TIGHTS…! No more battling with white, hairy legs, it’s time to cover up, hurray!

If you are still clinging onto Summer with bikinis and shorts stacked in your already bulging wardrobe, it’s time to get sorting. Autumn is here and your opaques are calling!

Do you find yourself staring into your wardrobe every day, thinking;

I’ve nothing to wear…

Nothing fits me …

Where is that blue jumper, is it in the wash?

Oh no, I still haven’t fixed the zip on those jeans.

Here are 7 tips to help you sort:

Right, let’s use the change of the season for a proper purge. All you need is bin bags and labels.

  1. GRAB – absolutely everything from your wardrobe, top to bottom and throw it all onto your bed or a clear space. Now you can actually see what space and storage you have to work with.
  2. CLEAN – inside the space. A quick hoover or wipe around will ensure your wardrobe smells fresh. I like hanging lavender sachets in my wardrobe, such a lovely smell.
  3. SORT – into piles by the following sub-categories;
  • Keep – in season
  • Store- out of season
  • Move– special occasions
  • Sort– needs attention ie. cleaning or fixing
  • Say goodbye – donate and recycle

Next, try on and be ruthless… ask a friend to help if you are struggling making decisions.

Do you have space elsewhere to store other seasonal clothes? ie. under bed storage, a chest or another wardrobe in a different room. Special Occasion wear too. Your wardrobe will be more spacious if you clear your other seasonal clothing and shoes. This isn’t an excuse to clutter other wardrobes though!

Any items for dry cleaning need to be bagged, labelled with ACTION and placed by your front door, ready for taking to the cleaners. If you have clothes to mend, place where you sit and chill. You are more likely to get sewing as you watch TV in the evening.

  1. DONATE – clothes, shoes and accessories to a charity of your choice. Donating is a win, win for all concerned. Most homes receive charity bags through their letter boxes, so fill up and place outside the night before pick up, weather permitting, If taking bags to a charity shop, put straight into the boot of your car. Don’t leave in the boot for 3 months as I am prone to do! Write yourself a reminder note and drop off next time you are in town. Keep friends and family in mind as you sort. Maybe your friend or auntie would like the illuminous pink top that doesn’t fit or suit you!
  2. RE-CYCLE – damaged and stained clothing. They might not be good enough for charity re-sale but can be recycled as padding for chairs and car seats and cleaning cloths. Contact your local council or
  3. ORGANISE – items you are keeping into separate items such as skirts, shirts, trousers, dresses, jackets, etc. This will make dressing in the morning easier.
  4. MAINTAIN – your new autumnal wardrobe by not ‘jam packing’ clothes. More wrinkles = more ironing…yuk! To avoid cluttering your wardrobe again, try to stick to the ‘one in – one out’ rule. This is, whenever you buy a new item, get rid of an existing one. Mmmm this is a hard rule, especially when the sales are on! Hangers, I like the velvet type from Costco or Amazon. They definitely increase your wardrobe space as flat and neat.

You are now ready for Autumn!

If you just can’t face sorting your wardrobe, Home…Sorted can support you to sort, opaque tights and all!

 Contact Louise on 0755 705 6009



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