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Sorting Sentimental Things

Sorting Sentimental Things

“I just can’t bring myself to get rid of this….it has such special memories…”

How many times have you said this to yourself or to others when you are trying to have a good old sort out? I know I have. It just doesn’t feel right to sort and let go of sentimental items, they are precious…

I am very sentimental and have boxes of pics from my childhood, birthday cards, wedding pics, kids artwork, my children’s very first outfits they came home from hospital in, first teeth (yes!), my Dads belongings after he passed away etc, etc…

However, last Spring, I took a trip to my favourite home shop ‘Home Sense’ and bought more memory boxes (sturdy, pretty patterned empty storage boxes), filled them, opened my spare bedroom wardrobe and couldn’t fit anymore inside. I sat down and asked myself;

Did I really need all this ‘stuff’?

Was it all happy memories?

When was the last time I looked at these items?

I decided to sort through all the boxes and reduce and simplify. Yes, it was difficult and I did shed a tear or two. I felt guilty at times but I was reducing, not getting rid of everything.

For example, I didn’t need all of the birthdays cards, so I kept special ones, like my 40th and handmade cards from my kids and placed them into an envelope file. I dated and glued them into a plain scrap book. With my Dad’s belongings, I recycled irrelevant paperwork and kept items with special meaning like my Dad’s brown leather flat cap we all laughed at daily! I found a few of my Nanna’s ornaments that I didn’t particularly like, and held no special memories for me, so I gave to my cousin. She loved them.

In conclusion, don’t feel guilty about sorting sentimental stuff, keep saying to yourself “I’m taking these precious memories and editing them to make happy highlights.”

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